Friday, August 13, 2010


Whoa! Color me stunned.

My dad and stepmom came over for some cake today (yesterday was my dad's b-day), and, like normal, Elvis and Skeeter were crated initially until everyone got inside and settled. Then I let the boys out to join us in the living room.

Elvis wouldn't really come up to my stepmom, which was sort of surprising, but when I came back in the room from turning on the coffee, Elvis was up on the sofa next to my dad. Granted, Skeeter (and Randall) were both up there, but Randall said when he sat him down at the end of the sofa, he walked over to get between him and my dad. Surprising, but even more surprising was that Elvis sat there for the longest time while my dad petted him and scratched his ears and head.

Elvis was MOST content. And I was MOST shocked. Wish I could have taken a picture. This was the first time Elvis had ever done this with my dad.

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