Monday, August 02, 2010

Back to Normal

Or pretty much so.

Which is a HUGE relief!

Last night, Elvis slept in his crate in the den. For the last several nights, he's been in his crate in our room, which actually worked well from a sleep standpoint for me, but made the room a bit hard to navigate at night...even though we have a large bedroom, having a second crate in here that had to face Haley's crate was a bit awkward.

In the interest of a full night's sleep, I gave him 1/2 Torb and 1/4 Valium right before bed and then we put Skeeter in with him. Tonight, I hope to have Skeeter sleep in his crate, though whether or not I'll have to give Elvis any medication sort of depends on how the day/evening goes.

Last night was heartworm pill night. Elvis has been on treatment now for about 9 months. Eventually the adult infestation will simply die off due to age, and there will be no new ones to take their place. That is a two year process and, of course, dependent on how long Elvis is with us, but he's doing so well that we'll just keep on keeping on. As I've written before, there is a quicker method to ridding dogs of heartworm infestations, but with Elvis's many medical problems, I wasn't willing to go that route. This is the method that is easier on the dog, so while it takes longer, it's the best way for him.

I'll probably post another update later in the week unless things change here. It's so hot (today it's supposed to be 105), that Randall and I try to get things done in the morning and then spend the rest of the day in the house with the curtains drawn to keep the sun/heat out. And, of course, all the dogs' time outside is very's just far too hot for them to be out for any length of time.

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