Saturday, July 18, 2009


Elvis is now on straight Pro Plan. YEAH! He also weighs 10 pounds. BOO! I'd really like him between 8-8 1/2 pounds, but I want him on the 2 tbsp of Pro Plan a day for a bit before I see what needs to be subtracted.

He also has a periodic problem with Savoy (my tabby boy). Most of the time, he ignores him, but Savoy is the cat who adores dogs and when he can't get someones attention, he stares at them. Well, like most animals, Elvis considers that a threat/challenge. He's made a couple of headlong rushes at Savoy to get him to stop. I can't say that I blame him, but that really does need to stop...the problem being that I only catch the tail end of the rush, so I'm not able to stop it before it starts. I suspect this will stop as soon as Elvis is completely comfortable.


This is a short, combined entry since I mainly napped this afternoon. :) Elvis is now including following Skeeter around in his bag of tricks. This is good because, while I'm very glad he has pinged in on Haley, I'd prefer for him to not bond so tightly to her that he ignores everything else.

Tonight while we were doing the dishes after dinner, I put some rice (Skeeter's absolute favorite treat) on a plate and let Elvis out of his crate to join us in the kitchen (he's crated during dinner right now, but I suspect tonight will be the last night). Turns out he loves rice. He actually came up to the plate and stuck his head in to get some. A lot of the table scraps the others get are going to be too hard for him since he has no teeth, but rice, barley and some of the pastas will work just fine. I figured he'd come around on this. Food is just about the world's greatest motivator...and these other guys are pigs for just about any of it.

Randall and I will be taking the night off to do our DVD Date Night in the living room. Elvis has had access to the room off and on today, and while he's explored some, he hasn't been in there for a long stretch. Tonight we all migrate in there, and I suspect he and Haley will be on the pillow.

And boy was I wrong there. He spent most of the time on the couch, but I could tell he wasn't very sure of himself. I'd put him on the floor and in a minute or two he be back looking up at us and Skeeter, and it was obvious he wanted back up. He was also extremely fascinated by the TV. I guess I shouldn't be surprised with that since he's watched my screen saver pretty intently in the past. Gene Kelly dancing across the screen was WAY more interesting than Haley snoring on the pillow.

I may have to increase his food a bit, too. He's apparently very hungry. I may go to more or a rounded tablespoon twice a day rather than a level tablespoon. I want to take weight off, but I don't want to starve him in the process.

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