Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day One: July 13, 2009

I won't really repeat the stuff on the introductions into the house since there's an indepth look at it in the Elvis background post.

Typical puppy mill behavior. Is quite agoraphobic when outside. Since he has only one or two teeth, dry food isn't going to be a possibility. But, since we found with Brenna that if we take the dry food and let it soak and then mash it up and it works, that's what I'll do with him. I'll start the intro to the new food tomorrow night. He ate most of his dinner, and needed a cough pill.

He's very interested in the other dogs and how they want human attention. It's going to take a couple of days, but I can see him leaning towards "I want that" when we're interacting with Haley and Skeeter. He's also interested in what goes on in the kitchen with the cooktop. No surprise there...food is a huge motivator and he's got two very good instructors in begging. :)

Very much uses his crate as a crutch for when he's feeling insecure. The door is staying open, but as the night has progressed, he's wanted more and more to be out where the others are. He's just not sure enough of his surroundings to make a spot for himself. That will come.

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