Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Update, March 8, 2011

I was just thinking yesterday that it had been a long, long time since I updated Elvis' blog, and here a situation presents itself.

Elvis is doing well, which is why there's not been anything posted. He's still doing well today, but we had a bit of a crisis in the house. The dishwasher flooded the in it ran overnight and flooded every room but the bedrooms. So, needless to say, all the dogs stayed crated most of the morning except for a couple of potty breaks.

Because of the mess, I had to give Elvis a half a Valium so he wouldn't panic too badly. That settled him down, and by late morning, we were able to have everything back in place and the kids out.

Randall called me into the den to see Elvis. He had nabbed a chew flip and was working at it under Randall's desk. That always surprises me since the little fella only has three teeth, but there he was, gnawing away at if for all he was worth.

A bit later, when everyone was outside but him, I looked down at the comforter I keep in here by my desk for Haley, and Elvis was doing his damnedest to chew on this big old bone that belongs to Haley. Talk about a hoot. He worked and worked and worked at it. I was even able to get some photos since he was so distracted, though you can see one where he's looking up at me not too sure about my motives. :)

All I can say is his teeth cleaning back in November must have made a huge difference for him because I've caught him working on bones and chew flips several time since then. 

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