Monday, March 14, 2011

Elvis update

We took Elvis in to see Dr. Walthall this morning, and she's on vacation, so we saw her relief vet.

Elvis has a perineal hernia which isn't particularly uncommon in un-neutered  dogs his size with docked or no tails. Unfortunately, the solution is surgery, and neither Randall nor I think he would survive it even if the shelter would give us the go ahead (and that's doubtful considering their funding issues right now).

I was hoping it would be something that wouldn't require surgery, but it does. :(

I told Melody I'd call Dr. Walthall later in the week and we could put our heads together. I suspect this is only going to be palliative care, and there's no telling how long that will be enough.

But, as Randall reminded me, Elvis' care has never been anything BUT palliative.

So that's where we're at right now. We know what it is; we know what the ideal solution is; and we know the ideal solution would work for a dog other than Elvis with his many other medical issues.

I will post another update once I know more about our course of action.

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