Thursday, January 13, 2011

18 Months...

Whew! Seems like just a moment ago, I was writing about Elvis being with us a year. I blink and it's now 18 months.

Stunning. Unexpected. Absolutely marvelous.

From the puppy mill refugee in May 2009. To the foster in July 2009. To the permanent foster in October 2009. To now.

Elvis has surprised us all, and I couldn't be happier.

I would have loved to have posted some new photos of him that were better quality, but as is probably obvious from these two, he's gotten very camera shy. Unless he's VERY distracted (like at dinner), he wants nothing to do with the camera.

We did get a dinner video from a couple of nights ago. I sort of wish it had been taken last night, because he was in rare, rare form. It's not often that he barks in the house (or outside for that matter), but he was definitely making his presence known last night and tap dancing for all he was worth. In this one, though, more than any other we've done, you can almost see the expression on his face that I see. He gets SOOOOO excited and looks SOOOOO cute...sometimes I just wish I could pick him up and hug him.

(And, if all goes well today, Elvis will be getting a new canine foster buddy. Stay tuned for more on that.)

Oh NOT with that flash thing again!

I'm NOT going to look!

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